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The power of reflective writing to help ease the stress and strain of nursing | Florence Nightingale and the Machine

Thanks to Jonathan (Jonny) Branney and his blog Florence Nightingale and the Machine for this post about the value of writing for clinical people including nurses. He’s actually sharing a link and commenting on it, and I am doing the same. So much sharing about writing! I consider it a good thing:

The power of reflective writing to help ease the stress and strain of nursing | Florence Nightingale and the Machine


Writing has many uses. It can help you sort out your thoughts like nothing else can. To put down words on paper or screen requires far more clarity that does mere musing, and tends to drag it out of you better than thinking does alone. I’ve found it’s important to focus your efforts carefully, not necessarily to narrow your topics, but to consider the impact of your work. Some folks write about their fears and sorrows and they make these burdens grow in their mind’s eye, crowding out everything else. It pays to add a dash of hope, problem-solving, aspirations, that sort of thing. Otherwise, writing can make things seem worse, making them also become worse. Expectations: powerful stuff! It pays to take some care with them and tasks like writing that can shape them.

But more than anything else, writing for any purpose requires practice. Lots and lots of practice!

Have any writing tips or experiences or stories to share?

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