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Nurses, a Fun quiz: What superhero identity would You bring to work?

We may have a dress code issue...

Recently we had some great fun with a series of posts devoted to nurses theme music: what would their music be if they could have theme music like in the movies? It was a month of posts: I list them all at the end of this post. After over 70 songs, though, it seemed time for a break. A month: what a party! There are more in the Green room waiting – they kept coming! – but I want to try out something new for now.

So I went to various social media sites and invited folks to use their imaginations in a different way. Instead of songs, let’s take on entirely new characters! I started out with comic book characters but as you’ll see, based on folks ideas so far, I’ve expanded to include ANY alter-egos. It’s about fun and creativity, not rules!

So here’s the question: if you could be somebody else at work, ANYBODY else, who would you pick and why? Don’t limit yourself: real, imaginary, books, comic books, TV, movies, you name it. Let’s play!

  1. I’ll start with my choice: Batman. Why? Multiple reasons: billionaire, nice house, great butler, cool toys, immunity to speed  limits (who ever saw Batman get pulled over?), and I get to watch people’s faces when I show up at work. Sweet! Plus, I recently had to rent a black Camaro (it’s a long story) and it got me thinking…
Maybe I should go with a cooler version?

Maybe I should go with a cooler version?

2. The winner so far for popularity is no surprise: Wonder Woman. Dana J. Frisbee on Show Me Your Stethoscope says, “Wonder Woman! Pretty, smart, can handle most anything, just like us nurses!”

We may have a dress code issue...

We may have a dress code issue…

Peggy Berry on Nurseup.com agrees: “Wonder Woman! I am a powerful change agent for good, not evil.”

Natali Laverne Turner Patterson on NurseNet on Facebook: “Wonder woman because I’m strong and resourceful.”

Meg Tanaka on Show Me Your Stethoscope: “Mine is Wonder Woman. I bought a small pouch thing with Wonder Woman on it (sort of like a cross body purse) that can hold all my crap in and keep my pockets empty.” Practical!

Lyn SovichFrew on Nurses against The View adds: “Wonder Woman, because what we do on a day-to-day basis is amazing.” Just like a nurse, I get it!

So we’ve proved (completely unscientifically) that nurses love Wonder Woman. It seems powerful women appreciate powerful women! PLUS she knows how to fly an invisible jet – the instruments are all invisible! – AND find it – invisible! – AND land it basically anywhere! Great for your commute to work!

Peggy Berry also offers a massive emoticon:


I’m not sure if it’s a comment or another character idea. I’d call her The Happy Bubble, I think, sort of the Good Witch counterpart to The Dirty Bubble on Spongebob Squarepants:

I'd rather work wiht the Happy Bubble!

I’d rather work with the Happy Bubble! This one’s EVIL, but also vulnerable to a sharpened pencil. Ask Spongebob!

Did I mention that this project isn’t entirely serious? Nurses are up their armpits in Serious. We need some fun too!

3. Michele Tabat DeSocio on Nurseup.com: “Every so often in memory people we have a fun Friday. We change our profile pictures to our superhero characters. Mine is Argent, her father is from New Jersey, like me and she has an Italian background also like me. It’s a lot of fun.” I’d say! What a great idea, Michele! Clearly you’re not a nurse to mess with…


4. Stephanie Zinggeler on Nurseup.com offers “Dr. Strange.” This one was new to me, so I looked him up: “a former neurosurgeon, Strange serves as the Sorcerer Supreme, the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats.” That’s quite the retirement gig, like a public health job on steroids. Thanks, Stephanie!

5. Ruth Braga on Nurseup.com: “Does it have to be a comic character? I refer to myself as Vidal Sassoon because I work behind the scenes teaching doctors, so my theme is, ‘If you don’t look good, we don’t look good’ ” How could I say no to such a great idea, Ruth? I’m figuring out the parameters for this project as I go, Ruth, and I’m genetically repelled by arbitrary rules, so the answer is YES! Yes, I mean, to your idea, not to my now-defunct limitation to comic book characters. It also helps that it’s a great idea. I too edit docs’ work, teach and supervise them, put them back on the rails when they fall off, over and over… It seems most nurses do. Idea approved, and project parameters widened! Ruth, you are now the official Project Horizons Supervisor.

I did not see this choice coming!

I did not see this choice coming!

6. Sue Naylor Clark on Nurseup.com: “Snoopy. The heart and soul of a dog, unstoppable spirit, loving and lovable, feisty and smart, full range of feelings, clever and imaginative, and can do anything!” AND he’s a time-traveling fighter pilot too! I love it, Sue!

Joe Cool!

Joe Cool!

7. Monica Whitworth on Show Me Your Stethoscope:  “Elastic Girl lol cuz as a nurse you get pulled in sooo many different directions at once!” You sure do!

elastic-girl---google-search (1)

8. Eduardo Racoma on Show Me Your Stethoscope: “I was once an ER nurse and now 12 years as a Cardiac OR Nurse. Always anticipates and thinks 2 steps in advance. We in our own specialties are all Efficient Nurses, rendering the best care possible even with the smallest alloted time. The Flash.” Very practical!

He’s a hashtag too! #theflash

9. Linda Roemer on Medical Improv says, “I’d be Underdog. Nerdy, smart, and an almost superhero.” He’s so much more powerful than his image: I like this pick! But wait, there’s more, OK I’ve changed mine I like Roadrunner the cartoon character.” I get it! Really fast, AND Roadrunner never loses and never gets caught by Wile E Coyote.

10. Finally, Sarah Arrow of 30 Day Blogging Challenge offers the finale. We had a technical problem because she’s not a nurse. She’s a blogger that trains and inspires other bloggers. I completed her blog challenge some time ago and remain active in her Graduate group. Here’s her idea:  “Ah, that would be my Hollywood-ego Caity Lotz. I think she’d happily dye her hair and she already owns my name in the search engines…” She’s new to me: TV is a kingdom some distance from my own, and my intelligence on the activities and personages there comes infrequently…


Back to the technical problem: it’s been solved. As Blog King (on this blog anyway), I made a decision. In a ceremony rarely seen (I assume) on Facebook, I have solemnly used my power and authority as King of The Red Carpet Nurses to dub Lady Sarah and Honorary Nurse. Problem solved! She’s in.


It’s good to be the King!

In closing, please accept my Royal Decree: Send me your ideas!

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Nurses Offer Their Theme Songs! Red Carpet Fun

Nurses’ Greatest Hits! Red Carpet Fun

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10 Comments on Nurses, a Fun quiz: What superhero identity would You bring to work?

  1. I have decided I will be Glenda, the Good Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Always bringing some fun and creativity to your posts… I love it. I think I responded on Next Wave Connect that I would see myself as the Energizer Bunny who can organize the flow of the shift! Thanks for sharing all of these nurse’s super-heroes. Too cool!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That bunny is a great story in of itself. He/she started out as the Duracell Bunny, they canned the idea, Energizer bought the rights, and the rest is history! It’s a great nurse persona, by the way 😉


  3. Greg,
    So glad to see your sense of humor continues. Here’s to a great new week!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Greg, cute and clever questions! My nursing theme song would be Bob Dylan’s, ‘Knocking on Heavens Door.’ He’s also my superhero, by the way!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your support, enthusiasm, AND creativity, Cynthia! Clever’s a bit of a stretch but I’ll take it ;). I still keep song ideas stored in my virtual Green Room, and will likely post agin on that them soon. I have to smile, too, imagining Bob Dylan showing up for work as a nurse ;).

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m not a nurse. But my son had tubes put in his ears today. All the nurses had huge doses of compassion and patience. I am sure those would be spectacular super powers to have!

    Liked by 1 person

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