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Inspirations: Big Red Links #38

Why is Sunday the Christian sabbath, instead of Saturday like the Jewish sabbath?  Jewish people, after all, founded Christianity, including Jesus and his disciples. Roman Emperor Constantine, previously pagan, decided to make Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire, but he was a politician, so he hedged his bets and honored the sun as well, moving the sabbath to the “SUNday.” You can read about it here: How The Sabbath Was Changed | Sabbath Truth.

Like Constantine, I’m putting Sunday to my own uses. I grew up on (force-fed) Protestantism, but I don’t intend to dabble any further with religion than I already have in this post. I merely wish to offer some hopefully inspirational links:

  1. Young Girl With Rare Bone Marrow Disease Is A Zumba Superstar:

Inspiration Young Girl With Rare Bone Marrow Disease Is A Zumba Superstar

2. Young Sisters Make $650,000 Selling Origami And Use It To Build Wells All Over The World:

Inspiration - Young Sisters Make $650,000 Selling Ori_ - http___www.trueactivist.com_young-si

3. John Cena and the Yankees surprise the son of a Charleston shooting victim:

Inspiration - John Cena and the Yankees surprise the _ - http___www.cagesideseats.com_2015_8_

4. 20 year-old Boyan Slat Cleans Up the Ocean:

Inspiration - 20yo Boyan Slat Cleans Up the Ocean I Omeleto - http___omeleto.com_212151_

5. Preach Seth Godin:

Inspiration - Preach Seth Godin I first hand accounts_ - https___gonetilnovember.wordpress.co

6. Some food for thought. Do you agree? Stop Being Humbled. Be Proud. — Life Learning:

Inspiration - Stop Being Humbled. Be Proud. — Life Le_ - https___medium.com_life-learning_sto

7. Thanks to Larry for this great story:  Piano-playing homeless man Donald Gould gets $40k in crowdfunding donations.

Piano playing homeless man Donald Gould gets 40k in crowdfunding donations Daily Mail Online

Whatever your beliefs and traditions, I wish you a hearty Happy Sunday!

Keep on Playing!

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  1. Paris San Voiture, September one day 2015.

    imagine Boston, New York, L A , Chicago one day no cars?

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