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Nurse Theme Songs: The Lost Tunes!

Theme Song Graphic (1)

So I was looking in my vast and unruly WordPress draft pile, and I ran into a nurse theme song post that got lost in the shuffle somehow. There have been LOT of songs: it was over 50 published prior to this post, and at least a dozen more in line. Still, my apologies to the nice folks who offered these great ideas.

Here we go:

1.2.3. On the Nurseup.com group on Facebook, OR nurse Ruth Braga reports that “In the OR, music is a great way to lighten the mood. We had docs who had their own ‘closing music’, so you knew it was a good sign when it came on! One trauma surgeon would wrap his head with Kerlix so he didn’t sweat on the field…that’s when you go to the computer and play ‘Kung Fu Fighting! The Funeral March was always a good song if a surgeon was taking too long. A liver transplant surgeon insisted on hard-core rap turned up very loud, but would then get mad if you didn’t hear what they were asking for! Asking a big burly surgeon for his phone to hook up music and then finding a Britney Spears playlist was always amusing too!!!”

“Kung Fu Fighting” with real Kung Fu footage

The 1974 Carl Davis Original Version of Kung Fu Fighting!

In light of the recent film. I’d take the advisory seriously.

Random Britney. Reminded me of nurses and error fears…

4. Beth Boyton on Next Wave Connect offers “I love this idea. I’ve wanted to get a few nurses together to do a parody with Megan Trainer’s All about the Bass that would be: It’s all about the cash!” I want to see Beth succeed, and I want that parody video!

5. Exceptional Nurse: “Greg, when I move into my new office…the one with a window…can you have this song playing?”
Harry Connick, Jr.: It Had to be You:

Of course, you can!

6. Bailley Murphy offers, “Indiana Jones of course!” Of course! 

Movie montage as a bonus!

7. Melissa Brown offers “Heheheeeee….giggling about the surgeon with Britany Spears’ music on his phone :)” OK, I’m not a huge fan but I’m game. I even found a song that acts as a pun! One More Time:

Thanks for listening, thanks for your great song picks, and I’ll give posting them as long as they keep coming in!

Keep on playing!

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