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5 More Great Mental Health links AND a Bonus! That’s How i Ride… ;) Big Red Links #31

C/o the Happy Hospitalist Blog: Click for more

1. Stigma is a huge problem in mental health: it may well contribute more suffering than the actual illnesses. Among mental health treaters, sadly, stigma runs rampant. It may even be worse among treaters than among the general public. Consider this piece: Mental health diagnosis can hamper treatment, research finds. Diagnosis offers bias and assumptions that cause harm. I generally counsel patients against respect for diagnosis, as out understanding of the brain remains so primitive. I counsel a focus on symptoms, problems, and solutions. Diagnoses serve insurance companies and researchers, not patients. Not yet:

2. Game Developers Try To Validate Mental Health Benefits:

3. Modern nuclear disasters: biggest risk is mental, not physical illness:

4. Gazing at Fish Tank May Improve Health, Well-Being:

5. Amy Thetford of Sammiches and Psych Meds offers 27 Surgeries, 27 Lessons in Positive Thinking: What Life Taught Me On My Way To Healing | Sammiches and Psych Meds:

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