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A Strange Depression Symptom That Most People Don’t Know – PsyBlog

Featured Image -- 5059I found this piece interesting:

A Strange Depression Symptom That Most People Don’t Know – PsyBlog.

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8 Comments on A Strange Depression Symptom That Most People Don’t Know – PsyBlog

  1. This makes sense. I know how much I struggle not to call loneliness “hunger” and disappointment “feeling fat”, etc. I wrote about that a few weeks ago: http://carrotsinmycarryon.com/2015/05/02/drowning-the-emotional-babel-fish/

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  2. Thanks for sharing. It is an interesting observation.

    It certainly explains why depression can drive people to extremes only to feel something real. Sometimes that means bliss or pain.

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    • With depression, there is often no clear line between real and not real with emotions and interpretations of events. Depression darkens one’s entire outlook in ways that are often distorted. With concentration impairment as well, it can all roll together into one ugly fog – Greg


  3. more you are realistic and logic more you are depressed this is the problem the society is a killer change the rules and let the world just express full colors power before us it was perfect think about this depression is a consequence of an impossibility to express realize and enjoi life we are destroyng our planet (garbage,war,nuke,plastic,cement,overpopulation,warming) people not depressed are strange ….

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    • All illnesses occur in context, I agree. I haven’t found that clinical depression makes people more realisitic; in fact it seems to make things seesm even worses than it is, and robs a person of the hope, motivation, and creativity to make it any better. – Greg


  4. I like the analogy of the gas gauge! It makes sense to analyse and specify which emotion is being felt. An interesting analysis!

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