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Real Memorial Day Tribute

Memorial Day Tribute

I’m all for burgers and parties and parades.

I’m all for patriotism when it’s rational and genuine and nontoxic.

I’m all for supporting the troops, except for the cynical and self-serving and dishonest kinds.

I’m all for America: much more enthusiastically when we live up to our own ideals or at least try.

           Two Military Heros – Photo by Omar Pena

Here’s an idea:

To do Memorial Day justice,

To do justice to those who gave it all for America,

To do justice to current and future veterans and troops,

To do the very idea of Memorial Day justice,

Let’s do it right this time around!

Let’s do it right: substance, not empty words and images and rituals.

Substance show our true values, our true intent, the true meaning behind all the postures and words.

Let’s show troops, veterans, and our military dead that our Memorial Day efforts have some backbone, some truth and sincerity.

Let’s make our Memorial Day offerings REAL this time and every time.

Via iStock.com

                        Via iStock.com


Let’s think rather more before we let profiteers and yahoos panic us into any more stupid wars.

Let’s take care of our vets’ wounds and needs, act like their needs are important to us, that we realize they’ve earned it.

Let’s make sure our troops’ families aren’t living in poverty and protect them from loan sharks.

Let’s pay a little more attention, get better informed, make it harder for lying pols to use our troops as a backdrop for their speeches, to throw troops into the grinder to make their friends and supporters money. When pols use and abuse our troops with a big fake smile, let’s make them pay for it.

Regardless of our opinions on wars and budgets, service is service. All service deserves respect and support, let alone the mind-boggling risks and sacrifices everyone in military service takes on completely voluntarily. They spare the rest of us their burden. Let’s do right by them, this day and every day.

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7 Comments on Real Memorial Day Tribute

  1. Greg, thanks for your wise words. Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have unnecessary PTSD, amputations and so many suicides but as a government, are we really taking care of our veterans? Thank you to all the veterans and all the healthcare providers that care for our veterans.

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  2. Thanks of much for your thoughtful post Greg. We need to be reminded of this not just today…but everyday!

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  3. Sounds good! I’m not even American, but it sounds like a good plan!

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