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I Make Star Wars Characters Irresistibly Adorable | Bored Panda

I’ve seen all the Star Wars movies, although I can’t say I’m a huge fan. A wee fan perhaps. Some of these films were great, others much less great. Some made me say (almost) out loud: ” I get it, you have great graphics, you win. My brain hurts, my eyeballs hurt, with all the crap flying around on the screen, so much I can follow maybe a tenth of it if I’m lucky. Some writing would be nice…”

And Jar Jar Binks… Some things you just can’t forgive. Meesa dontsa, so to speak. **shudder**

Plus, they’re movies, entertainment. For me, there’s always an implied “just” when it comes to entertainment, as in it’s “just” entertainment. It’s fun, and that’s all it is, nothing deeper than that, nothing more important or meaningful. Nothing worth shaping your life around. Not for me.

That all said, I’m all for fun. It’s a big deal in of itself, an important part of life. It’s not ALL of it, but smiles and laughs are healthy wonders.


Here’s a bit of Star Wars fun that even a “wee fan” like me can appreciate:

Artist Turns Star Wars Characters Irresistibly Adorable

Here’s an example:

I Make Star Wars Characters Irresistibly Adorable   Bored Panda






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