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Amazing Fire Pit Art – metal structure

Fire Pit Art!

Architecture & Interior Design

A fire pit or a fire hole can vary from a pit dug in the ground to an elaborate gas burning structure of stone, brick, and metal. The common feature of fire pits is that they are designed to contain fire and prevent it from spreading.

fire pit lovers

Keep in mind, fire pits should be located at least 10 feet away from structures for safety. You should also avoid windy conditions, and always keep a container of water nearby in case of emergency.

fire pit unicornfire pit horsefire pit horsesfire pit angel1fire_pit_angelfire pit angelAngel-Fire-Pitfirepit starsfire pit fishermanfire-pit tigerfire pit4fire pit deerfire pit deersfire pit kangaroofire pit pendragons-hearthFire-pit water lillyautumn-fire pitfire pit lovers1

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  1. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing Greg!

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