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Nurse Week #7: Great Tribute From a Nurse’s Partner

A great tribute to a nurse from her partner:

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via Flickr - garlandcannonvia Flickr – garlandcannon

The below post written by the significant other of a nurse originally appeared at Reddit’s r/nursing sub and appears here with full permission.

Today is Wednesday, May 6th. The start of the annual Nurse Appreciation Week…

I fervently believe that all jobs are hard, nobody really has it “easy;” we all get sick of our jobs. I speak on this point at an abnormal level for somebody my age. Whatever stress your career puts on you, it’s within human nature to minimize it to tolerability and then to despise it. This was one of the first facts I picked up when starting my fledgling career. A confirmation of one of my favorite truisms, “Everybody’s shit stinks.”

That said, I reserve a qualification for at least nurses. Maybe theirs smells a smidgen more.

As any partner should, I try to be there for her. If she chose…

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