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Five Ways to Bring Mindfulness to the Bedside

MeditationCourtesy of the Balanced Nurse, this month’s Nurse Blog Carnival host:

Five Ways to Bring Mindfulness to the Bedside

The theme this month is mindfulness, and this post offers five practical, DOABLE ways to squeeze a little mindfulness practice into a busy nursing shift.

It also offers links to eight other nurse bloggers’ takes on this topic, including mine: Nurse Mindfulness, Assessment, and Success .

Enjoy, and let us know about your ideas, questions, challenges, and successes with mindfulness!











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    Mindfulness techniques.


  2. Your blog represents to me why I love blogging and reading others. I never in a million years would get to see this “world” without your efforts. I like getting to expand myself with so many diverse worldviews.

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