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Bad Ass Woman!

Great post about some great women!

ba women 2

This bad ass.

boston-bombing-rebekah-gregory-survivor-runs-marathon-1Her name is Rebekah Gregory and on April 15th 2013 a bomb was set off at the Boston Marathon that killed 3 and wounded 260. Ms Gregory was one of them. She has undergone 35 operations and lost a leg, but as you know, Kick Ass Women just say….‘AND?’

Heather Mills

We do have Paul McCartneys ex-wife, Heather Mills to thank for this outlook to some degree. When she lost her leg in a police motor cycle accident she showed people, women especially who are mostly judged by their looks, that beauty and strength starts from within. Now y’all know I don’t do drippy sentimental cr*p, but it’s true, if you don’t insist you are everything you wish to be, (including beautiful) it doesn’t radiate outwards. No one is going to believe what you say, (including you) if your body language is saying something completely different.

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