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Regulation is a Necessity!

When will the madness of our Profit System, er… Health Care System end?


It is very discouraging.  Most of the news channels pay little attention to this issue.  Our politicians talk around it but refuse to address it with any meaningful action. Mostly nationalistic non-sense.   The reality is this is an unnecessary drain on the economy and hardship for many citizens.  Regulation is a necessity, it is the only way to hold people accountable and to set and maintain standards of acceptable behavior.  Not all of us are capable of being moral without considerable guidance and oversight.  It is naive and downright stupid to believe otherwise.


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Along with other stuff I enjoy that pays the bills (a plus!), I'm a budding nurse comic. I plan, like fake Opthomologist Rand Paul, to create my own professional organization solely so it will grant me a Doctorate. In my case, the org will be something like the AANC (American Association of Nurse Comics), and it will (trust me on this point) agree to make me the first ever DNC: Doctor of Nurse Comedy. I'll keep you posted!

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