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Drones offer such possibilities, not just the scary stuff!

Toronto Savvy

WISPS2 Drones have been getting some pretty bad press lately.  But they can do other things besides dropping bombs or hunting down terrorists. In fact, a drone is capable of showing us the world as we’ve never seen it before. A new art form has appeared, using drones and LED lights to create trails of light and colour in the sky.

WISPS3Fortunately or unfortunately Transport Canada has put the kibosh on flying drones near airports, heliports and aerodromes, as well as night time flying by hobbyists. These are a few TORONTO W.I.S.P.’s captured before the ban went into effect.  You’ll no doubt recognize the CN Tower, the back side of the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Sharp Centre for Design at OCADU.
For more information on TORONTO’s drones and W.I.S.P.’s – http://www.yongestreetmedia.ca/features/drones121514.aspx


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