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Worry never …

Give yourself the most power you can, because power is the only means to reaching any goal. In the past you have no power, so don’t place much attention there. You also have no direct power over the future, as you can only act in the present. Use the future as a navigation aid perhaps, but focus most on the present, because only here and now can you act. All your power lies here. Past and future have value but also offer distractions that makes the present play out worse than need be. Focus where you have the most power, and put it to uses that build a better future!

Valerie Online

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy. ~
Leo Buscaglia

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Along with other stuff I enjoy that pays the bills (a plus!), I'm a budding nurse comic. I plan, like fake Opthomologist Rand Paul, to create my own professional organization solely so it will grant me a Doctorate. In my case, the org will be something like the AANC (American Association of Nurse Comics), and it will (trust me on this point) agree to make me the first ever DNC: Doctor of Nurse Comedy. I'll keep you posted!

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