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Eating disorders don’t discriminate 

Worth a look. Eating disorders, perhaps even more than other psychiatric illnesses, attract much disdain and misunderstanding.


so it’s eating disorder awareness week, and I thought I’d write a little about the truth of eating disorders, and put some of the most common misconceptions to right.

If you have an eating disorder you’ll be terribly thin – this isnot true. People with eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes. People also may assume if someone is very thin that they may suffer from an eating disorder, this is also not true. Maybe they are just naturally that size. Never body shame anyone, it’s wrong and cruel.

Only females suffer from eating disorders – a lot of sufferers are male. Sometimes they aren’t diagnosed as often as women, for a number of reasons, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t suffering too. Never be ashamed to ask for help.

They are doing it for attention – eating disorders can sometimes be a way of showing how…

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