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Mythbusters !!


Another great piece of work using open communication to dissolve stigma just a little bit more. Kudos, WYWS! Kudos!

While you were sleeping...


I had a chat with a fellow patient from The Priory Clinic the other day, and whether the stigma is real or not, people with mental health issues who have made those around them aware feel the burn of the ‘stigma‘ spotlight on them.

Point in case, my friend said she was worried that everyone thinks that she is ‘crazy‘.


I myself, just a few weeks ago, was told to ‘go back to the nuthouse’ because the individual didn’t agree with my point of view and thus resorted to attempting to inflict mental pain.  I actually laughed.  But, and I do mean BUT, peoples’ general perceptions can be far from reality.  There is even a difference in perception between someone who is just taking medication and someone who has spent days or weeks in an institution.

My admission to hospital was voluntary.  This is true for…

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