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Scientific ways to be happy

Some sound ideas, it seems. Don’t BE happy, that’s pap; do things that help you become happy.

Hope everyone had an amazing thanksgiving. Let’s wrap up the year feeling positive and happy for what is to come.

Just a simple graphic for you.

Also make sure to take your free Hipaa compliant health assessment test on our website >>>>>>> www.idlifearg.com/takeassessment


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Along with other stuff I enjoy that pays the bills (a plus!), I'm a budding nurse comic. I plan, like fake Opthomologist Rand Paul, to create my own professional organization solely so it will grant me a Doctorate. In my case, the org will be something like the AANC (American Association of Nurse Comics), and it will (trust me on this point) agree to make me the first ever DNC: Doctor of Nurse Comedy. I'll keep you posted!

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