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Amnesty International- why not a Domestic version for Nurses?

Here’s an idea unrelated to anything else I’ve suggested.  My wife occasionally mentions Amnesty International activities she once participated in: to reduce individual vulnerability, each chapter writes letters to address issues only in other countries: the idea is that you address others’, and others address your country’s  problems.  That way, no one has to attack their own government, in many place a great way to shorten your life.

Today, it occurred to me in a flash: vulnerable American Nurses could use the same tactics: write letters to address fellow Nurses’ problems, and trusting other Nurses to address your local problems.  That way, no Nurse needs tangle with their own employer or local powers.  To me it seems elegant and rather promising – any comments?

Update: partly to experiment with this idea, i have taken up advocacy in Arizona!  I’ll keep everyone posted…

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Along with other stuff I enjoy that pays the bills (a plus!), I'm a budding nurse comic. I plan, like fake Opthomologist Rand Paul, to create my own professional organization solely so it will grant me a Doctorate. In my case, the org will be something like the AANC (American Association of Nurse Comics), and it will (trust me on this point) agree to make me the first ever DNC: Doctor of Nurse Comedy. I'll keep you posted!

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